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26th Feb 2016

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Course tailoring service

Our tailoring service is a luxury you can afford, allowing you to combine elements of related courses producing a bespoke
solution, designed specifically to fulfil your training needs. Is there any better way to meet all of your training objectives and maximise your training ROI?

Kit supply

Running a course at your facilities might sound like a good idea until you start thinking about the practicalities of equipment usage and the
impact this could have on day to day business, so why not let us bring the necessary
equipment with us?


New Apprentice

Hi I’m Laura,

I am the new apprentice at Neos. I have been instructed to write a blog about me, so here goes!

I would describe myself as a confident, bubbly and outgoing. In my friendship group I would definitely be the craziest one of the group.
Before this apprenticeship I hadn’t had any experience in a business environment. My previous jobs were working as a waitress and being a stable hand. So this has been a massive change in career paths for me.  

I am currently taking driving lessons; I did think I was going to be driving by March. However driving has proven to not be one of my natural talents...

My hobbies and interests mainly revolve around animals. I pretty much love every animal apart from spiders and squirrels, they petrify me!! I have a dog called Misty who is a Weimaraner; she is 9 years old but still believes she is a puppy. I also have a horse called Indie who is an Arab cross Welsh, she is 6 years old.

During my spare time I juggle between looking after my pets and socialising with my friends.
My goals for 2016:

As this is my first blog I’m not really sure how to finish it off so I will end it with an inspirational quote.

“A wolf doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep”.

Why Train with Neos?

Our company differs in the way it provides IT training right from the first point of contact with the customer. Our team has exceptional presale tech knowledge that allows them to identify exactly what customers’ needs are and then guide them toward the most suitable content and potential solutions.

The next thing of note is that we’re not tied to any other vender, meaning we don’t have to deliver training in a prescribed manner. Our range of courses cover several different venders’ products. There isn’t a set list of things we can or can’t deliver on the course. This means we can cover more material in a shorter space of time. Minimising the time spent out of the office and maximising the real world benefit to the customer. We deliver our courses in a very practical way rather than aimed toward passing exams, we have learned from our thirteen years of experience that real world experience based knowledge often holds more validity to a company than a piece of paper.

When it comes to our trainers we require them to not only have the technical knowledge in a field but also the real world experience within it, therefore acting as consultants as well as trainers. This means that the trainer can advise delegates on how they use certain features in the real world and the pros and cons of various solutions, adding a business minded personal touch to the courses. Our courses are very practical and hands on with each delegate working on their own equipment. Sessions are trainer led rather than PowerPoint led, offering us a higher level of flexibility even within the course. All of this means that not only can the pre course outlines be tailored for the delegates but the trainers can perform easily under pressure to the requirements and questions of those on the course.

We generally limit our courses to a maximum of ten places as this allows the delegates more one on one time with our trainers and allows them to move at a pace that agrees with everyone. Whilst delegates are at our training centre on a course the relaxing atmosphere helps everyone feel at home and more confident in their ability to ask questions. We also provide onsite training taking the stress and cost out of travelling and meaning the delegates are never far from the office. In our 13 years as a business we’ve seen a lot of change in IT, both from a manufacturer and a customer perspective. This has helped us maintain our understanding of how technologies will develop and how customers will use them, allowing us to proactively develop our training courses to meet the needs of our customers. Our courses are always designed with real world implementation at the core.

As a company we encourage the team to have collective knowledge and skills in each other’s areas of expertise. We all have an understanding of how the company works from the bottom up and we can all collaborate together creatively toward our common goal of providing cost effective bespoke training in a user friendly format.


Hello and welcome to Neos’s second blog post!

For those of you keeping track I (Gee the “social media guru”) have kept my promise of regular updates, hence here is my second blog entry.

As a Company we are proud to say that we sponsor the Worcester Bears basketball club. In fact our Managing Director Anthony Duggan coaches the under 14’s team and even plays for the men’s 1st team, the Grizzlies (He is 6”7 after all!).

Worcester Bears was formed in October 2012 out of the love of basketball .The club was created by the kid’s parents when an after school club was cancelled and they didn’t want their children to miss out on such a fantastic opportunity. Since then the club has expanded to include children from many schools across Worcester and even enter into the national league. The club runs teams for: Under 10s, Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16s, senior men and senior women.

Well done to the Grizzlies (Our MD’s team) who came 3rd in West Midlands Division 1 granting them a place in the Premier league.  Furthering the good news, the club has recently had their annual awards night on Sunday. We’d like to congratulate all of those who won an individual award: Joe Moss for Under 13s National League Most Improved Player, Max Matthews for Under 13s National League Most Valuable Player, Will Barnes for Under 14s Most Improved Player, Josh Abbatiello for Under 14s Most Valuable Player, Will Garrad for Under 16s Most Improved Player and Joshua Solvason for Under 16s Most Valuable Player. Here’s hoping they’ll be the basketball stars of the future or even the next Michael Jordan!

Thanks to Phil Barnes, the treasurer of the club, for organising the awards evening and bringing it to life and good luck to the club for the year ahead.

Over and Out - Gee


14th July 2015

Hello and welcome to Neos IT Training’s social media revolution!
From now on, as well as this blog, you’ll be seeing our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn regularly updated and even the occasional YouTube video. From course availability, to technical news and how our delegates are getting on, plus we’ll be making sure to post weekly offers and discounts exclusively online so make sure to follow us on the links at the bottom of the page to get your hands on those.

For those of you who don’t know who we are, Neos IT Training Ltd are a technical IT training company based in Worcester, delivering bespoke technical training and user training to schools, universities, councils, companies and even the Ministry of Defence (although we probably not allowed to divulge too much information on that so shh!).
One of the main reasons for this blog starting is because a new employee has been welcomed into the Neos family:
Georgina (Gee) “Social Media Guru”.

To get the apprenticeship role here, I had to go through an “interesting” interview process. This started with an initial interview with Lee, the Sales Manager, in which I was asked questions on my ideas about the importance of social media to a business plus my previous experience in work and education; they seemed enthused by the things I said. In this interview I was also warned about the level of ‘banter’ in the office and whether I’d be able to handle it, which I of course said yes to, unaware of what was to come! I was then brought in and introduced to everyone on the management team however then it got tricky……… Due to the sales element of the job they said I’d have direct contact with our customers about our current offers and so on and they understood that this could be overwhelming to some people. They therefore had me ring up prospective customers to see how I’d handle it. After guiding me through what to say on the phone they told me that as long as I don’t panic and put the phone down I had the job! Thankfully I managed to do this and well here I am now. I’m settling in well and I can indeed report that the office is as banterous and funny as they said it would be!

Neos have taken on numerous apprentices over the years, Emily our business administrator was taken on full time last year after completing hers and is continuing to grow in to the role, taking on more responsibility each and every day.

For those of you thinking my job will involve playing on Facebook and Twitter all day, I can assure you this is NOT the case (as much as I wish it was!).  I have already been very busy creating interesting content for the next 2-3 months and have some real treats in store for you!  
What do you all think of apprenticeships or are you currently an apprentice?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences from both sides!