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Excel 365 Core Skills

Excel 365 Intermediate

Word 365 Core Skills

Outlook 365 Core Skills

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1 Day


£150 per person


Delegates should have a very good working knowledge of using Excel 365 as can be gained from our Excel 365 Core Skills and Excel 365 Intermediate courses.

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Excel 365 Advanced

Learn how to


Pivot Tables
What is a Pivot Table?
Pivot Table Definitions
Creating a Pivot Table
Managing Pivot Tables
Adjusting the Information in a Pivot Table
Multi-Layered Pivot Tables
Filtering a Pivot Table
Pivot Charts

Data Forms
What is a Data Form?
Viewing Records with a Data Form
Deleting Records with a Data Form
Adding New Records with a Data Form
Changing Records with a Data Form
Finding Specific Records with a Data Form

Data Tables
What is a Data Table?
Using Data Tables for Forecasting
Creating a One Input Data Table
Creating a Two Input Data Table

Creating a Scenario
Managing Scenarios
Creating a Summary Report

Goal Seek
What is Goal Seek?
Using Goal Seek to Achieve Your Target Figures
Goal Seeking with Complex Equations

What is Solver?
Defining a Problem in Solver
Using the Solver Tool to Get the Best Results

Sharing Workbooks
Inserting Comments
Tracking Changes
Understanding the Change Log
Highlighting Changes
Accepting and Rejecting Changes
Sharing a WorkBook
Opening a Shared WorkBook
Saving Changes to a Shared WorkBook
Resolving Conflicts

Protecting and Hiding Information
Protecting Cells
Turning On Protection
Turning Off Protection
Hiding Information

Data Validation
Understanding Data Validation
Input Messages
Error Alerts
Using Lists

What is a Macro?
Recording a Macro
Running a Macro
Personal Macro Workbook
Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
Excels Visual Basic Programming Language

Web Queries
Understanding Web Queries
Creating a Web Query