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1 Day


£150 per person


Delegates should be familiar with working in Windows.
No knowledge of Microsoft Excel 365 is assumed.

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Excel 365 Core Skills

Learn how to


Excel Introduction
What is Microsoft Excel?
Understand the Office 365 web interface
The home page
The team site
The shared documents list
The Excel 365 browser interface

Workbooks and Worksheets
The Structure of Excel Files
Opening an Existing Workbook
Saving a Workbook
Starting a New Workbook
Navigating a Workbook
Managing Worksheets

Entering Information
Spreadsheet Information
Formatting Cells for Specific Contents
Entering Labels
Using Numbers as Labels
Using Spellcheck
Using AutoComplete
Entering Numbers
Using Currency and other formats
Date and Time
Using Percentages
Using Fractions
Selecting a Range
Using Autofill

Entering Formulas
Basic Formulas
Order of Operations (BODMAS)
Basic Mathematical Functions
Using SUM
Using MAX
Using MIN
Using AutoSum
Referencing Other Cells in Formulas

Multiple Worksheets and WorkBooks
Referencing Cells in Other WorkSheets
Referencing Cells in Other Workbooks
Opening Workbooks with External References

Formatting Workbooks
Editing Cell Contents
Selecting Cells
Copying and Moving Cells
The Clipboard
Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows and Columns
Using Undo and Redo Using Find and Replace Cell Comments Formatting Cell Content
Advanced Cell Formatting
Using Format Painter
Row Height and Column Width
Cell Styles

Chart Types
Creating a Chart
Formatting and Editing Chart Objects
Changing the Source Data of a Chart
Charging a Charts Type
Annotating Charts

Printing a Worksheet
Using Print Preview
Printing a Large WorkSheet
Printing a Chart
Additional Print Options