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Windowss 10 Desktop Support

Windows 7 Desktop Support

Windows Server 2019 Server Administration

Advanced Network Practices

IPv6 Fundamentals

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Delegates should have a basic working knowledge of Windows.

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Networking Fundamentals

Learn how to


Introducing to Networking
What is a Network?
Why Network?
LANs, WANs, and MANs
Introduction to Networking Standards
OSI 7 Layer Model
Networking Access Methods
Ethernet Media Systems
Alternatives to Ethernet
Network Topologies
Wireless Networking

Network Hardware
Network Interconnectivity
Layer 1 Devices
Layer 2 Devices
Layer 3 Devices

Configurating Network Settings
Networking Architecture
Network Interface Cards
Configuring Multiple NICs

Introduction to TCP/IP
What is TCP/IP?
History of TCP/IP
An Introduction to the Internet
The TCP/IP 5 Layer Model
TCP/IP Frame Structure

IP Addressing
IP Addressing
Class Based IP Addressing
IP Addresses and the Internet
Special Addresses
Broadcast Addresses
Subnet Masks
What Packets Will a Host Read?
IP Version 6

Automatic IP Addressing and DHCP
Configuring IP Addressing
Implementing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
How a DHCP Client Interacts with a DHCP Server

Host Name Resolution and DNS
Host Names
Domain Names
NetBIOS Names
The HOSTS File
DNS Servers

Troubleshooting TCP/IP
Troubleshooting DNS