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Excel 2013 Core Skills

Word 2013 Core Skills

PowerPoint 2013 Core Skills

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1 Day


£150 per person


Delegates should be familiar with working in Windows.
No knowledge of Microsoft Outlook 2013 is assumed.

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Outlook 2013 Core Skills

Learn how to


Getting Started with Outlook
Log On to Outlook
The Outlook Environment
The Outlook Ribbon
The Navigation Pane
The Reading Pane
Minimizing the Ribbon
The Quick Access Toolbar

Opening a Message
Replying to a Message
Forward a Message
Printing a Message
Deleting a Message
Address a Message
Format a Message
Check Spelling and Grammar
Attach a File
Hyperlinks in Messages

Managing Mail
Open and Save an Attachment
Using the Attachment Previewer
Flag a Message
Creating Folders
Move Messages to a Folder
Copy Messages to Folders
Delete a Folder
Categorising Mail
Flagging Mail for Follow Up

Personalising Your Mail
Use Stationery
Create Custom Stationery
Create Signatures
Modify Signatures

Locating Mail
Sort Messages Using Multiple Criteria
Find Messages
Find Messages Using Multiple Criteria
Filter Messages
Organize Messages
Manage Junk Email

Saving and Archiving Mail
Save Messages in Alternate Formats
Archive Messages
Protect Personal Folders

Setting Message Options
Modify Message Settings
Modify Delivery Options
Modify Message Formats
Using Voting Buttons

Message Rules
The Out of Office Assistant
Scheduling the Out of Office Assistant
Out of Office Assistant Rules
Creating Rules

Managing Contacts
Add a Contact
Sort Contacts
Find a Contact
Generate a Map
Edit a Contact
Delete a Contact
Print Contacts
Creating Distribution Groups

Using the Calendar
The Outlook Calendar
Schedule Appointments
Assign a Category to an Appointment
Update Calendar Entries

Scheduling Meetings
Schedule a Meeting
Reply to a Meeting Request
Propose a New Meeting Time
Tracking Responses
Update a Meeting Request
Cancel a Meeting Request
Print the Calendar

Sharing Calendars
Sharing your Calendar
Accessing Another Users Calendar
Calendar Overlay
Specify Access Permissions

Setting Calendar Options
Set Work Days and Times
Display Other Time Zones
Set Free/Busy Options

Managing Tasks
Creating a ToDo List
Create a Task
Edit a Task
Update a Task

Assigning Tasks
Assign a Task
Reply to a Task Request
Send a Task Update
Track Assigned Tasks

Using Notes
Create a Note
Edit a Note
Copy a Note