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2 Day


£400 per person


No knowledge of Microsoft Project 2013 is assumed.

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Project 2013 Core Skills

Learn how to


Project and Project Terms Overview
Understandingproject management
The Project 2013 interface
Getting help

Entering and Linking Tasks
Entering tasks
Setting durations and milestones
Basic task linking
Unlinking tasks
Predecessors and successors

Navigation and Project Views
Keyboard shortcuts for Views
Use the Got Selected task button
Format Time-scale
Gantt Chart
Calendar View
Network Diagram

Task Relationships and Critical Path
Understanding task relationships
Avoiding dangling tasks
Understanding Critical Path
Applying a Critical Path
Slack time

Project Calendar
Default working hours &week
Altering hours of working day
Setting non-working days such as Bank Holidays
Creating new calendars

Understanding resources
Managing People, Rooms, Equipment and Materials
Split tasks
Level only within available slack
Resource calendars

Sorting and Filtering
Sorting data by priority and date
Using the Auto-filter
Filtering tasks

Task Constraints and Advanced Task Management
General constrains
Hard constraints
Soft constraints
Scheduling project from thestart date
Scheduling project from the finish date
Lag, lead anddelay
Resource driven v fixed duration
Task calendars

Project Costing
Resource costs
Duration driven
Cost per use
Pro rata
Cost rate tables
Fixed task costs
Show project statistics

Producing Reports
Task usage
Current activities
Work load
Custom views

Gantt charts
Network diagrams
Calendar view
Page setup options