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SQL Server Core Skills (2 days)

SQL Server Reporting Services (2 days)

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3 Days


£895 per person


This course assumes delegates have knowledge of implementing and managing Windows Servers and dealing with databases usng T-SQL. These skills can be obtained from our Windows 2012 R2 Server Administration and SQL Server Core Skills courses.

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SQL Server Administration

Learn how to


Getting Started with SQL Server
Installing SQL Server
Installation Options
Defining an Instance

SQL Server Management Tools
SQL Server Management Studio
Configuration Manager
Dedicated Administrator Connection

Creating Databases
Database File Structure
Where to Store Databases
Creating Databases and Transaction Logs
Understanding File Groups
Organising Tables on File Groups

Managing Databases
Upgrading and Moving Databases
Upgrade vs Migration
Detaching and Attaching Databases
Managing Database Space
Permitting Automatic Database Growth
Adding Database Files to Expand Databases

Database Security
Understanding Authentication Modes
Defining Logins
User-Defined Server Roles
Enforcing Password Policy
Granting Database Access
Adding Users
Defining Roles
Delegating Privileges with Roles
Granting and Revoking Permissions

Backup and Recovery
Backing up Databases
Understanding the Recovery Models
Running Full, Log and Differential Backups
Restoring Databases
Rebuilding the Master Database
Recovering User and System Databases

Jobs, Alerts and Database Mail
Configuring the SQL Server Agent
Configuring Database Mail
Defining Jobs to Handle Routine Tasks
Creating Alerts and Operators
Associating Alerts with Jobs

Database Maintenance and Monitoring
Understanding Database Fragmentation
Identifying and Curing Fragmentation
Repairing Database Corruption
Database Maintenance Plans
Scheduling Plan Execution
Identifying and Killing Blocked Processes