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Windowss 10 Desktop Support

Windows 8 Desktop Support

Networking Fundamentals

Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Administration

Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Administration

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2 Days


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No knowledge of supporting Windows 7 is assumed.

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Windows 7 Desktop Support

Learn how to


Introduction to Windows 7
Windows 7 Versions
Comparison of Windows 7 V Vista and XP
Windows 7 Architecture
Windows XP Compatibility Mode

Installation and Migration
Windows 7 System Requirements
Pre-Installation Tasks
Installation Walkthrough
Upgrading an existing Windows Installation
Using the User State Migration Tool (USMT)
Using Windows Easy Transfer

Windows 7 Graphical Interface
Understanding the User Interface
Configuring the Windows 7 User Interface
The Windows 7 Desktop and Taskbar
The Aero Glass Theme
Flip and Flip 3D
Taskbar Thumbnails

Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
Creating a Customised MMC
The Favourites Menu
MMC Taskpads
Managing Active Directory with Windows 7

User and Group Management
Implementing local and domain accounts
Creating users and groups
Nesting role and resource groups
Configuring User Account Control (UAC)

Managing Disks
Hard Disks and File Systems
What is a File System?
Basic and Dynamic Storage Volumes
Managing Storage Volumes with Disk Manager
Creating Mounted Volumes
Disk Quotas
Troubleshooting Disk and Volume Problems

Windows 7 Networking
Workgroups vs. Domains
Local Area Networking (LANs)
Using the Network Center
Local Area Connections
Windows 7 TCP/IP Improvements
Configuring Client IP Addresses
Automatic Private IP Addressing
Wireless Networking (WLANs)
Establishing a Wireless Connection
Viewing Wireless Connection Details

Introduction to Active Directory
Joining a Domain
Understanding the Logon Process
Browsing the Network and Searching Active Directory
Publishing Folders to Active Directory

Windows 7 and Notebook Clients
Power Management Options
Three Power Plans and the Hidden Fourth Power Plan
Battery Meter
Sleep Mode for Fast Resume
Windows Mobility Center
Offline Files and Folders
Sync Center
Revamped Synchronization Headquarters
Sharing from Laptops

Diagnostic Tools
Windows Memory Diagnostics
Windows Network Diagnostics
Windows Disk Diagnostics
System Configuration Utility
System Information
Problem Reports and Solutions
Event Viewer in Windows 7
Reliability Monitor

NTFS Security
NTFS Access Control
Security Principals, SIDs, and Security Access Tokens
Local and Network Service Accounts
NTFS Permissions
Secondary Logon
Encrypting File System
Data Recovery Agents

BitLocker Volume Encryption
Partitioning for BitLocker
What is a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
Three Modes of Operation
Installing BitLocker
Using BitLocker to Go

Disaster Recovery
Windows 7 Backup Utility
Safe Mode Recovery Options
Repairing Windows 7

Configuring Printing, Scanning, and Faxing
Installing a Printer
Sharing a Network Printer
Setting Printer Properties
Controlling Printouts
Scanning and Faxing
Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and Fine-Tuning