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This course assumes delegates have a working knowledge of implementing a Windows Server 2019 Server as can be gained from our Windows Server 2019 Server Administration course.

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Windows Server 2019 Active Directory and Group Policy

Learn how to


What is Active Directory
Distinguished Names
Relative Distinguished Names
What is LDAP?
X.500 Databases

Implementing a Server 2019 Domain Infrastructure
Planning the Domain Structure
Overview – Server Manager Dashboard
Overview – The Admin Center
Overview - Organisational Units
Overview - Security Groups
Co-Existence with Server 2012r2/2016

Installing Windows Server 2019 Active Directory
- Install a new Server 2019 domain/forest
Install a new Server 2019 domain in an existing Forest
Understanding Forest Functional Levels
Understanding Domain Functional Levels
What are Read Only Domain Controllers (RODCs)?
Installing and Deploying RODCs

Active Directory Recycle Bin
Overview – The Active Directory Recycle Bin
Enabling the AD Recycle Bin
Recovering Objects with the AD Recycle Bin
Active Directory Post Installation Tasks
Removing Active Directory

Creating an Organizational Unit Structure
Folders V Organizational Units
Planning the Organizational Unit Structure
Creating and Editing Organizational Units
Object Permissions in Active Directory

Configuring Users and Groups
Administering Domain User Accounts
Administering Groups in a Single Domain
Using Groups in Trees and Forests
Using Security Groups to Manage Access to Resources

Delegating Administrative Control
Introduction to Object Security in Active Directory
Securing Active Directory Objects
Designing an Administrative Control Strategy
Delegating Administrative Control of Active Directory Objects
Best Practices for Delegating Administrative Control

Disk Management
MBR vs GPT Disks
Configuring Disk Quotas
Overview Virtual Hard Disks
Creating/Importing Virtual Hard Disks
Overview - Storage Spaces and Storage Pools
Implementing Storage Spaces
Implementing Storage Pools

Creating Multiple Sites
Understanding Active Directory Sites
Defining a New Site
Adding Servers to Sites
Adding Site Links
Bridgehead Servers

Active Directory Operations Masters
The Roles of Operations Masters (FSMOS)
Determine the Holder of an Operations Master Role
Managing Operations Master Failures
PowerShell Commands
Using PowerShell for FSMO disaster recovery
Using NTDSUTIL for FSMO disaster recovery
What is the Global Catalog?
Configuring Global Catalog Servers

Maintaining the Active Directory Database
The Active Directory Database
Moving the Active Directory Database
Backing Up and Restoring Active Directory
Maintaining the Active Directory Database
Performing Authoritative Restores
Directory Services Restore Mode Password (DSRM)
Using PowerShell for disaster recovery

Introducing Group Policy
Group Policy Preferences and Settings
Understanding Group Policy Objects
Global v Local GPOs
Managing Group Policy
Group Policy Administration Tools

Managing Group Policy
Understanding Resultant Set of Policy
Managing Local Group Policies
Managing Domain Based Policies
Delegating GPO Management
Managing your GPOs
Managing Group Policy Preferences

Advanced Group Policy Management
Using Change Control
Managing Controlled GPOS
Controlling GPO Versions and History

Searching and Filtering
Finding Policy Settings
Searching for GPOS
Using Security Group Filters
Introducing WIMI Filters

Maintaining the SYSVOL
Migrating the SYSVOL
Maintaining the SYSVOL
Generating Replication Reports

Group Policy Processing
Managing GPO Inheritance
GPO Processing and Refreshing
Configuring Slow-Link Detection
Planning GPO Changes

Group Policy Software Deployment
Introduction to Software Deployment
Understanding Windows Installer
Deploying Software with Group Policy
Maintaining Deployed Software
Removing Deployed Software
Troubleshooting Software Deployment

Maintaining Group Policy
Maintaining GPO Storage
Copying, Importing and Migrating GPOs
Backing Up and Restoring GPOs
Troubleshooting GPOs

Active Directory Schema
Introduction to the Active Directory Schema
Accessing the Schema
Adding / Modifying Attributes
Troubleshooting the Schema

Migrating and Importing
Bulk Importing User Information into Active Directory
Overview – Migration
Migrating from Earlier Server Releases
Overview - Trust Relationships
Creating 1 and 2-way trusts
Transitive vs Non-Transitive trusts
Overview - ADMT v3.2
Configuring the Active Directory Migration Tool
Performing a Live Migration from earlier Server Installations
Adding a new Server 2019 Domain Controller to an Existing Domain
Understanding and Using ADPREP
ADPREP Switches